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Summer House Show
8:00 PM20:00

Summer House Show

For this house show, I've invited David Lien and Evan Anderson to be the "artists-in-residence" for this night of weird, adventurous, and off-kilter evening. Featuring improvisations, whispers, accordions, and a handful of bari saxes. Come hang and BYOB! Program deats TBA.

And yes, there will be red balloons. Quite a bit of them.

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8:00 PM20:00

Contrafactum performance @ NEC

For the joint composer recital of faculty members Stratis Minakakis and Bert van Herck, I will perform Stratis Minikakis' Contrafactum for alto sax and horn with hornist Reese Williams.


Contrafactum I-III for alto saxophone and horn (Minakakis)
I. Adagio ma fliente
II. Lo stesso tempo
III. Poco più mosso
David Stevens, alto saxophone; Reese Williams, horn

Aggeloi III for Solo voice (Minakakis)
Nina Dante, soprano

Skiagrafies II for flute and piano resonance (Minakakis)
Dalia Chin, flute; Stratis Minakakis, piano resonance

Diaploys for solo percussion (Minakakis)
Harrison Honor, percussion


Cassandra Fragments for voice and flute (Minakakis)
Nina Dante, voice; Dalia Chin, flute
-world premiere-

Inner Friction for solo flute with electronics (Van Herck)
Dalia Chin, flute

Ela Canta for soprano and ensemble (Van Herck)

Nina Dante, soprano; You Yang & Hunter O’Brien, flutes; Theodore Robinson, clarinet; Harrison Honor & Alex Garde, percussion; Amelia Sie & Abigail Hong, violins; Nicholas Pelletier, viola; Sebastian Ortega, violoncello; Jesse Dale, double bass; Bert Van Herck, conductor
-world premiere-

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